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...Are you curious to see how a greener, happier & more sustainable future could look like? Awesome, then this project will be right up your alley....

Inspired by our "big sister", GreenMe Berlin, we take you to Detroit's most vibrant neighborhoods to share where the heroes of the urban green scene have set up shop.

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GreenMe Detroit is your ultimate green city guide, giving you the inside scoop on Detroits most vibrant, local, and sustainable startups. Food, fashion, festivals, gardens - green never felt so good.

our mission

Our mission is to simplify sustainable living in Detroit. We want to make it accessible, convenient, and - most importantly - fun! A green lifestyle doesn't have to be a hassle - it can be fun, social, empowering, and easy for both people and businesses alike.


We want to encourage Detroit citizens & businesses to use their individual power to create an impact. It's about being curious, trying something new and feeling inspired and empowered to shape a happier, healthier and more conscious Detroit. Without forgetting to play and have fun!

For eco-minded businesses: 
We are here to empower sustainable businesses and make their incredible work visible to people from around the world. We want you to be part of a thriving community of local changemakers where you can learn and support one another.

For the People:
We are here to inspire travelers and locals and show them positive solutions. We want people to constantly live in awe and be excited by all the beautiful things that are happening in Detroit.

Short: We want you to see that we can all shake the world a little bit. 

WHO WE ARE - our team

Klara Schmidt | GreenMe Detroit

Klara Schmidt

GreenMe Detroit Co-Founder, passionate Michigan changemaker, life enthusiast & UM Student

Claudi Sult

GMD Co-Founder, Founder of GreenMe Berlin  & GreenMe Melbourne  & Chief Eco Enthusiast

Our Background

We started out as GreenMe Berlin and as we began expanding, we brought GreenMe to the home bases of our growing team. Thus, GreenMe Detroit was born! And what better place to discover the thriving green scene than this fresh urban city of Detroit?

what we do

To accomplish our mission & purpose (above), we scout out the coolest sustainable Detroit businesses & startups and bring them to you in a convenient format, so you can easily find & enjoy them with your friends and loved ones!


Ready to explore Detroit off the beaten track and see how much fun it is to 

eat, act and live more sustainably?

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Let's go green in Detroit's urban jungle !

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